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We present our new Artista Oxford Seamless heel shoes made of black Boxcalf leather that offers a fantastic semi-formal look.




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We present our new Artista Oxford Seamless heel shoes made of black Boxcalf leather that offers a fantastic semi-formal look. An English model with a straight toe, made of Boxcalf leather of French origin from the D'Annonay tannery in black. It incorporates our Goya last, leather lining, interior insole and buttress made of vegetable tanned leather, finished with a split-stitched sole floor to achieve a more elegant finish.

This model is made with a beveled waist sole and a tight stitching that continues below the heel, whose shape follows the natural line of the shoe. It is a one-piece model on the heel, a feature that gives it a more elegant design and an exceptional line.

For this model, we have chosen our Goga last in width F. Last with a round toe, very elegant and comfortable fit. Handcrafted with the Goodyear Welted technique in our own factory in Inca, Mallorca, Spain. This manufacturing process, of more than 150 operations, consists of double stitching to join the leather, insole and sole, providing a level of durability much higher than that of a conventional shoe. This type of construction also provides extraordinary comfort and insulation thanks to the layer of natural cork, placed under the insole and which allows the insole of each of the shoes to mold and acquire the anatomy of each foot.

Shoe care

  • Brush the shoe to remove any dust or dirt.
  • Apply a small amount of Pâte De Luxe with a cotton chamois cloth or the Spreading Brush to reach the welt seams and enable nourishment and protection of this delicate area.
  • Massage gently to allow Pâte De Luxe to nourish and provide maximum protection to the leather.
  • Apply one or two coats of Pâte De Luxe to the entire shoe.
    Leave to dry for five minutes between coats.
  • Gently polish the leather with a bristle brush or a wool glove.
  • For a high-gloss finish, apply additional coats to the toe and heel. Avoid over-application to the vamp of the shoe because excessive movement can crack the wax coating.
  • For further details, please refer to our Guides.

Shipping & returns

TLB Mallorca offers different delivery services for customers of our online store in order to give the best service. TLB Mallorca make these shipments following the regulations that each of the countries of delivery requires in the purchase and sale of our products.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Huff
290 Artista

Same great shoe now with a seamless heel for a sleeker look. I was glad to see the JR sole came standard on the stock model.


Outstanding product!


Beautiful elevated take on a classic staple that every man should own. The JR soles are a really nice touch.

Discover your 290 ARTISTA


The last



Classic, refined and sophisticated last with a round toe. Available in widths F (standard) G (wide). Find your perfect match in our catalogue.
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The Style


Oxford shoes are a classic men's dress shoe style characterized by a closed lacing system, which means the eyelets are sewn underneath the vamp, giving a sleek and elegant appearance. The design of the Oxford shoe features a low heel and a leather sole with a slightly pointed toe.

The upper of the shoe is typically made from high-quality leather and can come in a variety of colors and materials, including black, brown, and suede. The shoe may also feature decorative perforations or broguing, but it is not a defining characteristic of the Oxford shoe.

Oxford shoes are a versatile dress shoe that can be worn with a range of formal and semi-formal attire, including suits, dress pants, and blazers. They are a timeless style that exudes sophistication and elegance, making them a staple in any gentleman's wardrobe.
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The Sole

Jr Redenbach leather sole

JR Rendenbach Leather Full Soles are high-quality leather soles that are designed to provide durability and comfort to your dress shoes. Made from top-grade leather, these full soles are tanned to perfection, ensuring that they resist wear and tear and maintain their shape over time. The soles are handcrafted by skilled artisans, who add a finishing touch to the edges for a refined look.

They are also treated with special oils and waxes that make them resistant to water and other elements, providing excellent protection against the elements. Whether you're looking for a new pair of soles for your dress shoes or want to give your old shoes a new lease of life, JR Rendenbach Leather Full Soles are an excellent choice.
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