Unique footprints


A shoe last is the solid form around which a shoe is molded. As the fit of a shoe is completely dependent on the shape and volume of the last, we have worked to ensure that each of our lasts has their own style.

At TLB Mallorca we invest lot of time developing each of the lasts that form our collections, carrying out the necessary tests in order to guarantee an exceptional fitting. The PICASSO last has a silhouette with more marked lines, as well as a straight toe finish. The GOYA last, on the other hand, has a much more subtle, rounded toe finish. Discover the rest of them in this comprehensive guide.

  • GOYA


    Classic, refined and sophisticated last with a round toe. Available in widths E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide). Find your perfect match in our catalogue.



    Elegant with a lightly squared toe and a streamlined shape that goes from the top of the lacing all the way front to the hip of the toe. Available in widths E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide).



    This last is elegant and timeless with a soft square toe and a subtle fine almond shape. Find the ideal shape of your shoes among our collections. Available in widths: E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide).



    This last has a slight semi squared toe, is very elegant and extremely comfortable. Discover the perfect last for your pair in our catalogue. Available in widths: E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide).

  • ALAN

    Main collection

    This last is versatile, it can be used to make Oxfords all the way to high boots. It has a semi square toe and is available in widths: E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide).


    Main collection

    Oliver is an elegant last with a round, slightly almond shaped toe. Its available in widths: E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide).


    Main collection

    Exceptional fitting qualities as well as a timeless design. With a round toe it has been built with the same last shape as the rest of our collection. Available in widths: E (narrow) F (standard) G (wide) and H (extra wide).


    Main collection

    This is a perfectly balanced loafer last, with a round toe. Works with every type of loafers. Available in widths F (standard).


    Main collection

    A casual last with round toe and semi high toe box. It pairs very well with apron models or a storm welt. Available in widths F (standard) G (wide) H (extra wide).


    Comfort collection

    Rubber soles that provide excellent traction and stability. Designed with a special pattern, also lightweight and flexible, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

  • 222

    Main collection

    Specially designed for our new loafers collections. It includes a rounded tip shape, which makes them perfect for all moccassins styles.