Cookies are an essential part of the Internet, offering multiple benefits for the provision of interactive services. However, cookie sharing between various websites has raised concerns in society regarding the personalisation of advertising spaces. This document is intended to provide an insight into the various levels of intrusion associated with the cookies we use, as well as the circumstances under which we will request your permission as a prior requisite to their storage.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing letters and numbers that are used to differentiate between users, and ensure information continuity between the various pages of a dynamic website

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies enable us to enhance customers’ experience when browsing our website and improve and personalise the website for each user. For instance, we monitor the domains from which people visit us and also measure visitor activity on the website. However, this is always done in a manner that guarantees the total anonymity of their personal information. We use the information we collect to quantify the number of visitors to the various sections included on our website, and also to help us make the website more practical and functional for our users.

What types of cookies do we use?

  • ‘Analytical’ cookies:

For the purpose of regular maintenance and in order to guarantee users the best possible service, our website uses ‘analytical’ cookies to collect activity statistics. The data collected is always anonymous and it is not possible to establish links of any nature between browsing habits and physical persons.

Specifically, FACTORIA TLB, SAU stores Google Analytics cookies on users’ terminal. Users may exclude their individual activity by using the exclusion systems offered by Google Analytics.

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  • Other internal use cookies:

FACTORIA TLB, SAU also uses a cookie to maintain your user session whilst accessing the private areas included on the user control panel (provided you are already a registered user) and your shopping cart. Deactivating this cookie will hinder the effective use of the online store.

  • Cookies used by social media:

This website features social media buttons that enable users to share contents they consider to be of interest with their social circle. Furthermore, thanks to these social media buttons, users do not have to provide the website with their personal details as it uses the information that has already been shared on each of the social media available (information which FACTORIA TLB, SAU does not have access to).

  • Third party cookies for the personalisation of advertising spaces:

Our website does not use ad servers or by extension associated cookies in order to create profiles based on preferences and activity. Should we decide to do so, you will be offered the option of specifically accepting or refusing said use prior to their transfer by means of specific formats enabling you to exercise your rights.

List and description of cookies. Intrusion levels:

The following table contains details of the cookies used on our website:





2 years

Internal measuring with Google Analytics.


30 minutes

Internal measuring with Google Analytics.


6 months

Internal measuring with Google Analytics.


6 months

Map viewing using Google Maps.


2 years

Map viewing using Google Maps.



Internal session management at the online store



Internal user management at the online store


1 hour

Internal language management at the online store