Men's shoe are designed specifically to fit the unique anatomy of a man's foot. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles depending on the type of shoe. Check our guides before you choose amog our collections of asts, styles, soles and materials.

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    Last Guide

    Lasts reinforce the comfortable and faithful fit, as well as the elegant and stylized lines of each model. TLB Mallorca wooden lasts have their own style: the PICASSO last has a silhouette with more marked lines, as well as a straight toe finish. The GOYA last, on the other hand, has a much more subtle, rounded toe finish. 

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    Style guide

    There are many high quality shoes in the TLB Mallorca catalog. That is why we offer you a detailed list of the highlights of each model. In this guide you will find the similarities and peculiarities of each type of English shoe, the types of finishes, the Goodyear stitching and the shapes of each silhouette.

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    Sole guide

    The type of sole chosen can have a significant impact on your comfort, stability, and performance. Find all the information on our different types of soles, their features, and which types of shoes they are suitable for.

  • TLB Mallorca Men's leather shoes

    Material guide

    Men's shoes can be made from a variety of materials, being leather the most durable for dress shoes. Suede, Shell Cordovan or Hatch Grain are some of the most common. Leather is durable and versatile, also soft and luxurious.

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    Fitting guide

    A shoe that is too tight or too loose can cause discomfort and even lead to foot problems in the long term. Remember that different brands may have different sizing, so always take your size into account before you buy.