Modaes MAY 2018

Modaes MAY 2018

The Mallorcan businessman Antoni Llobera Balceló is behind the project, which began after transforming a women's shoe factory in the town of Inca. "In our family, both my grandfather and my father and I, we have always worked for other brands and I wanted to start a business"

TLB Mallorca has also launched its online store in search of direct contact with the consumer. "We think that in less than five years half of the production could be channeled through online sales," says Llobera, who explains that it currently represents a very low percentage, 1% of total sales.

Despite being a start-up, the company is not starting from scratch. "This is a very complicated sector and very difficult to access," says the entrepreneur, who points out that it is very encouraging that most of the doors they have knocked on since October have attended to them and have started working with them without being recognized in the market.

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